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Bentonite slurry removal process

Bentonite Slurry

Our custom-built tankers are fitted with powerful vacuum pumps, which are able to remove, recycle and dispose of all types of drilling slurry, waste and debris.   Our high pressure jetting equipment can be used to remove even the most stubborn slurry, including bentonite waste.

  • Removal and Recycling of Drilling Slurry and Bentonite
  • Full recycling of liquid and solid phases of drilling slurry
  • Complete emptying of settlement tanks and Silt busters
  • Can remove slurry over long distances
  • Removal of Slurry / Bentonite from tunnels and shafts available (up to 100m depth!!)
  • Fleet of 20+ specialised units positioned in and around London
  • Multiple Recycling points to reduce transport
  • Site to site transfer available